Thursday, January 26, 2012

this year I will....

Happy belated holidays from Diet Cancer.
2012 is finally here and I know it's a going to be a great year. We ended on a high note in December and want to carry the momentum forward.  There's a lot of good things happening this year so lets live it up, I mean if the Apocalypse is really coming in December we have to go out on a high note. Don't hold back, just wear sunscreen.
 It's official MelaNoMo'! INC. is now a non profit company. We are  up and running and wanted to thank Gary Arnold,  the Caswell family, Milner family, and also the  Owings brothers at the Ozone Sports Institute to be the first contributors to MelaNoMo INC. We have laid a great foundation and plan to expand this year beyond our annual BBQ, to have a kayak race, pub crawl, and more. It's a whole lot more fun to raise money doing something you enjoy (eat,drink,kayak).   The website is under construction, but will be up shortly where there will be pictures, videos, posts, and other melanoma survivors testimonials. It is and we expect it to be running in February.
 I'm sort of a procrastinator so I set my new years resolution starting February 1st. Anyway it's just amateur hour at the gym so I'll let them thin out and then I will be back getting into that new years shape.
Also it's is very important to pay attention to the blog and website in the near future to what MelaNoMo'! will have to offer later in the year. It is going to be groundbreaking and will definitely add that "winning touch" to melanoma awareness and prevention.

Here's a tribute to all who have attended our fundraisers over the past 3 years, watch, enjoy, and judge.