Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy week?

Alright, it's Sunday March 4, 2012. First day of the week that will be one for the record books. Tuesday, I am having follow up scans and blood work. I am ready and confident for this appt and can get excited to go see my oncologist because I can get the reassurance that everything is still looking NEDtastic. (No Evidence of Disease). I have no new lumps or bumps to be concerned about.
Now, I can not say the same thing for Mrs. Gaines. Wednesday we will be at a different doctor where Margaret is going to be the patient. She is the one with the bump now, but it is a good bump and it's growing inside her stomach.  Wednesday we will hopefully find out if we are having a boy or a girl. There is a baby Gaines on the way!!

Alright, Sunday has been circled on our calender for weeks and we finally meet. The calender week page is inked up with blue and black. It is full of times, places, highlighted days, exclamations, and question marks. We are excited and anxious to meet this head on and turn the page to another week of life.

So on this Sunday send us some thoughts and prayers for a good strong healthy week.