Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baby G!

The last blog entry was on March 4 and I was having scans and finding out if I was having a boy or a girl. So...clear scans and girl!!!! Yes sir.
Baby Gaines is about halfway done brewing, our due date is ironically Labor Day. There are usaully 3 questions people ask, "Are you excited?", "Do you know the sex?", "Have you thought of names?". I am so excited that we are having a girl and we have some names picked out but will not surface until she does. Marge is doing such a great job!!

We don't have a date in the books yet for MelaNoMo'! 2k12 but it might be the debut for Baby Gaines. It will be in late September or October.  She told me that it better be the best one yet since it will be her first MelaNoMo'! So let's make that happen. Check out the link from the MRF website talking about last years event.