Thursday, May 19, 2011

26 going on 96!

I ate 2 dougnuts on my birthday. Haven't since
wild man on my bed
So what an exciting week on 8east. We had cards, balloons, signs, and most importantly our dog stoli (wild man).for a birthday blowout.  Margaret's Aunt Jennfier Arnold had brought him up to our room and he was the life of the floor, not saying too much if you see some of these bag-o-bones straggling out of their rooms including myself.
I apprecetiate all of the birthday wishes and I know there are a lot of others places to be or to things to be doing but we are getting cured of cancer which is something not many  people can say they have done. But don't worry Adam hopefully we can go to Six Flags next year.
I finished my 7th bag this morning and this will be our last bag this week. Once again lucky number 7.  It was not an easy week but once again we managed to get through the diaarhea, nauseuesness, lack of showers, and thats just Margarets symptons.

We are still at Emory and waiting while my body gets somewhat back to the norm and hopefully be released sometime tomorrow afternoon. As much as I love the hospital bed and can't wait to get back home.

Only one more round is left!!!! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, and as Carolina Hernandez says, "congrats Neils body!"

the nurses at 8 East sing Happy Birthday to me... "get out."

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