Friday, May 13, 2011


Monday was my midterm exam, CT of pelvis, abdomen, chest, and neck along with an MRI of the brain. I hate tests and there was no way of cheating on this one, but I got the results from the biggest test of my life on Wednesday and I passed. MRI clear!! CT of chest shows shrinking of tumors!! No new spots!! Amen!! This medicine that I have been cursing while in the hospital is working. I don't like stats because they are usually very skewed, but the percentage of response to IL-2 is 16%. That means if 10 people are recieving this drug only me and some midget out there get the response that you want. (I do pray that I see Mr. White on Monday, we both started IL-2 together, and hope he got good news also). But we are seeing progress and it feels good to catch a break.

So round 3 of 4 is on Monday. Also I will celebrate my 26th birthday on Wednesday in style at the hospital with popsicles and pain pills. Times have changed.

I have to thank everyone for the prayers, inspiration, and motivation this past week the medicine only goes so far we need to give some credit to the Big Guy.


  1. still gotta pick on little people. I guess they like their odds. We'll find a way to celebrate in style Wednesday. Maybe even find a way to score some bomb pops!

  2. Continous effort-not strength or intelligence-is the key to unlocking our potential...Winston Churchill

    You have the potential to lick the melanoma...not just the popsicle, my dear friend. Personally I am just happy as hell-o that you are celebrating another Bday Wed. Get the word out now to all the staff so you can really milk it Wed. They will be treating you like a king. Of course you will be so drugged, you may not realize it.Gilda

  3. Do y'all already have the date for Melanomó this year?