Thursday, August 25, 2011

Governor Deal & Gunner Stahl (captain of Iceland hockey Jr. Goodwill Games)

Fá spennt MelaNoMo '! 3 er á einum mánuði frá deginum í dag:

Icelandic for: " Get excited MelaNoMo'! 3 is one month away."

I dropped my american/fijian/icelandic brother Graham off at the airport yesterday so he can begin his next venture obtaining his masters in natural resource management at the University of the Westfjords in Iceland.  Graham was with me at work when I got that startling phone call from my dermatologist over 3 years ago and has been with me ever since through our journey. Although he hasn't lived in the US but 3-4 months in the past two years we can definitely feel his thoughts and prayers with us constantly, and know if I ever feel the need to call him to make fun of my parents or some stupid situation we got put in at the doctor he will be there to crack a joke. His optimism of melanoma and of life in general keeps everyone pushing forward in life. He says that cancer will win once you become stagnant you have to continue to live life and moving forward. I wish you the best of luck bro.

Veremo, Whytaker, and me @ NSB.

Coach Stansson and team Iceland, prepping for the Ducks & MelaNoMo'!

                                        "Fá spennt MelaNoMo '! 3 er á einum mánuði frá deginum í dag"

We are excited about MelaNoMo'! and are already have gotten such a great response. First Freddie Freeman  now the first family of Georgia are reaching out to create awareness about melanoma. The Governor of our great state of Georgia has taken time from his busy schedule to endorse our fundraiser.  These are people that I look up to for not only what they accomplish in the their careers, but also that they know the importance of being proactive about something that your passionate about in order to make a difference. Check out his endorsement letter below. For more information about MelaNoMo'! and how to donate please visit my site,  There is a very powerful video titled, "Dear 16 year old me" on the site. 

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