Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quartely Statements.

The last quarters numbers are in and they are looking pretty good!

 This doesn't refer to the economy nor does it reflect the last 15 minutes of the UGAvBoise game. My CT and MRI took place earlier this week and we like what we see. There is no sign of progression anywhere, and the spots that they believed "might" be cancer are still responding to the medicine and have been shrinking.  Hells yea.

As we were anxiously awaiting the scan results, sitting on the toilet paper wrapped table, I was playing with the ear and eye instruments when the nurse walked in. CAUGHT! She didn't care and nonchalantly said scans look good. Not knowing how to react Marge and I just did a quick high-five, and moved on about what's the next move.  So in 3 months we will have a PET scan in December and are expecting even better numbers in the last quarter to wrap up 2011. I hope that the economy and UGA football can do the same. We are truly thankful for every one's thoughts and prayers and thankful for the results that we are seeing.

I also wanted to thank everyone for the tremendous response we are already getting for MelaNoMo'! which is on 9-24-11. Our goal of raising $20,000 to go towards research grants and patient advocate programs is in reach. Check out

Go Dawgs this weekend, but more importantly GO AMERICA!!


  1. It was good to see you the other weekend! Glad you are doing better and hope December brings even more good news!

  2. Hey Neil! I love the blog. Glad to hear you have some good news! I think about you and Marge often, and wish I could get the chance to catch up with y'all and give you both big hugs. I am proud of you for handling everything so positively and with such bold courage. You have always been such a beautiful soul. Know that my heart is with you.
    Keep fighting and enjoying life.
    Love, Liz Lea