Friday, May 24, 2013


MelaNoMo'! will be hosting the 5th annual fundraiser this fall. 5 years!! Over $60,000!! Thank You!! Or should I say Gracias?
There is only one way to bring in the pinnacle 5th year of MelaNoMo'! That is  mexican fiesta style. Mis amigos and familares please save the date for:

October 5, 2013
The event will be held at our beautiful cabin on the 'Hooch in North Ga and will be from 1 pm-Siesta. The amount of support and funds raised is overwhelming, but the outcome can be surreal if we can continue to raise awareness for melanoma, create more options for late-stage patients, and find a cure. Despite the growing incidence of disease there's still a huge lack of funding to find a cure.  We have made progress up the hill, but there's still a mountain to climb. So come join us for some cold coronas on the river and put an end to this disease. No more Melanoma, man(in spanish accent)...MelaNoMAS.
My fellow melanoma warrior and friend Heather Hampton and her husband Steve know first hand the trials and tribulations of this disease. She is such an inspiration to me and so many others living her life the way God intended and using her battle to help spread the word. When asks what can we do, the simple answer is "pray". So please follow her blog and pray for her and her family as they beat this disease.



  1. WOW! Congratulations, count my cancer alternative treatment center and I in. I am so excited to see the said event! Keep blogging and share updates as well. Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Neil,
    As a fellow Stage IV melanoma patient, I find your efforts and attitude toward your health and life particularly inspiring. Therefore, I thought you would prefer to know that "Jenny" has been hijacking any blog/post with "cancer" in the title (including mine) to tout Branyon and her Center. Turns out Branyon is NOT a doctor, but a CRIMINAL. Fredda Branyon of Scottsdale, Arizona, has made thousands off sick and desperate individuals. Ms. Branyon started buying umbilical cords and cord blood tissue from a Del Rio birthing center in 2009. Then, with no training regarding stem cell development or the legal ability to do so, she manufactured hundreds of vials of "stem cells". She sold 183 vials of "stem cells" for more than $300,000, to Francisco Morales, who worked with the lab she owned, Global Laboratories. Morales, in turn, led his patients to believe he was a doctor (he isn't) and was arrested in Texas for treating people with cancer and multiple sclerosis in "treatments" not approved by the FDA. Branyon pleaded guilty during an investigation by the FDA and FBI in 2011. She was facing 3 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. I hope she is cooling her heels in prison as I write.
    Check it out. It's all true. Wishing you the very best.