Monday, August 5, 2013

Now batting...#5!!!

The 5th Annual MelaNoMo'! will be held (appropriately) on the 5th of October. Today is August 5th. So see you in 2 months. High FIVE!

I would say that quite a lot has happened in the past 5 years. I remember going into my first surgery around 5 am in the morning and one of the top songs on the radio at the time was called "bleeding love". As we were pulling in to the surgery center the words, "I keep bleeding, keep, keep bleeding" were echoing through my head. Thanks Leona Lewis for the uplifting message.

We are so grateful for all of the incredible support that we have received these past five years. We just wouldn't have been able to get through it with out you.  And again, the main reasons to host MelaNoMo'! is for everyone to get together and celebrate life, live in the moment and say thank you.

We feel like we are spreading the word about melanoma and the severity of the disease. Doesn't matter male, female, white, black, young, or old. It can really effect anyone at anytime. Two things have to happen to create MelaNoMo!,aka, "no more melanoma" 1. Awareness. 2. Generate funds to create more treatment options for current patients. This is our goal for MelaNoMo'!

Like I said earlier FIVE YEARS. We are truly blessed. We have met so many wonderful people through "electric cancer avenue". In tribute to the fifth year we are honoring five different people/charities that we have been touched by during our journey. All of the proceeds from this year's event will go towards(or in honor of):

1.)Phil McGil- A great college friend and prime example of how to live life. Currently playing poker in heaven. (A portion will go towards Philfest's "phil"anthropy, September 14th in Athens, Ga).
2.) Heather Hampton- fellow melanoma warrior/Georgia Bulldog/friend. A living example on how God wants us to live. (A portion will go towards Emory Winship Cancer Institite)
3.) Julie Neff- My nurse at Winship.  While helping so many others fight cancer, she was fighting for her own life. (A portion will go towards Emory Winship Cancer Institute)
4.) Cameron- 14 year old fellow melanoma warrior trying to live as a normal teenager, while battling stage 3 melanoma. He's supposedly has mad bball skills. (A portion will go to Egleston Children's cancer research)
5.) First Descents- a wonderful program: kayaking+cancer=living.


Freddie Freeman is a huge Melanoma Research sponsor, as his mom passed away from this horrible disease.  He is the man.

For more details on this year's event and how to donate please visit

This is not the year to miss!!

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