Friday, March 25, 2011

Moffitt Trip


Curve ball.

Moffitt did not go the way it was planned, but we have learned that life usally doesn't. You just have to sit on the fastball and adjust to the curve ball. 9th grade baseball advice, thanks CT.

Recap of the last couple of days :Good news MRI was clear and I do have a brain. Not so good the cat scan showed a couple more spots that are nearly microscopic but they are melanoma. So instead of surgery and harvesting the cells for the "Til" , which could take 6-8 weeks we are going to start with the IL-2 as soon as possible. We opted out of surgery and got out of there pretty quick, hoped a plane and got back to gainesville about midnight last night. We are excited to be back home (we just bought our first house on Monday so in between all of this we are trying to get moved in) and begin treatment at Emory and be closer to friends and family.

We have faith in our treatment plans and do not pay attention to the numbers, stats, survival rates, because they are usually a load of crap. It is said best in Anchorman:
"They've done studies you know, 60% of the time it works everytime"
"That doesn't make any sense"

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  1. I keep you guys in my prayers always. Neil & Margaret, I pray for courage and strength to you both!