Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lucky number seven


No blog from the past couple of days I have been a little under the weather with the medicine. The doctors and nurses say the worse you feel the better it's working. Well it was on it's A- game and worked pretty damn well. My body threw in the towel due to some low blood pressure and beginning signs of fluid in the lungs. We made it to a final of (lucky number) seven which is great for this treatment. Know one hardly makes it through all 12, our nurses had only one patient and it must have been Chuck Norris.

We had a couple of hospital neighbors that were having the same treatment and one made it to five while the other got seven also. Each time we walked by their room or saw them in the hallway we would all be shaking our heads, and ask "how's it going" like we didn't know the answer, "HORRIBLE", " AWEFUl", "RiGORS and DIAHREA". Then they would respond with "how you holding up" and we just repeat the same thing and add another symptom. "oh yea we got that to". But each time they would always throw out a tip or piece of encouragement with a half smile. We were strangers with different background but this week we were team mates in the battle.

That was until after we had been getting ice-cream. Popsicles, Italian ice out of the communal fridge and realized that they had patients names on them. We laughed pretty hard when we realized it and marge came in and said I got the last two Italian ice. Ate them and looked at box, crap who are The Hooks.

So we will hopefully be leaving tomorrow afternoon to get to our house and our wild man"stoli". We will be recuperating and going back to work for a few days before we come back here for round 2. Our family should be increasing by 2 next week with the addition of my sisters baby and my brothers return from the peace corp. Lots of great things in between hospital visits. Thanks everyone for the support this week with notes,cards, meals, and all of the visitor.

PS: watch out klumps, went from 171 to 190 in 4 days and haven't really eaten at all either.

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  1. That is sooooo Margaret to steal someone's last italian ice. Holy crap Neil you might have to be Eddie Murphy's body double in the Klumps number 5 movie. Do you want me to send you some XXXL costco sweats? Sending my love from NYC where it snowed today!!! Love you both!!!!!!