Monday, April 11, 2011

Neil-ness (your name with ness on the end)

Over the weekend beer started tasting good again so that is a sign that I am back up to "par" (masters pun). I have had a week free of IL-2 now and I am doing well, this medicine is pretty much flushed out by now. It is the little things that we are enjoying this week, going to work, exercising, walking the dog, enjoying the weather, and talking about the new baby.

We were back at the hospital last week, but being on a labor and delivery floor to see my first niece/nephew be born is a little bit more uplifting than being admitted to a cancer floor. It was a blessing to have our whole family there to welcome Whitaker Neil Friedman into the world. It was such a miraculeous event to experience and we are so happy to be Uncle Neil and Aunt Margaret. Also I was incredibly touched when they announced that his middle name was going to be Neil. I set the bar pretty high, but that boy has some pretty cool parents so I know he will live up to the Neil-ness. I am so happy for Kelley and Courtney and look forward to  hanging out with my new buddy Whit.


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