Friday, April 22, 2011

Homeward Bound!


I'ts technically halftime at this point.  We just finished our second stint at Emory receiving IL-2. Some of you were lucky to see me, but probably regretted it. The medicine hit and it hit us hard.  Like I said day 1 felt like day 3 of the first week during the admin of this medicine, which is cumulative.  My vitals, blood pressure, and all of my blood work stayed with in the guide lines for the Doctor to continue administering it,  so they left us with the answer to the question, "Do you want another round?".  And I believe whether someone needs it or not( most of the time not). The universal answer to the question, "We'll do one more".  The body was still fighting and we even got another round after that of IL-2, to finish again at our lucky number 7 bags of treatment to cure us of Melanoma.

Back to the halftime speech: 

During halftime of a game the coaches will get together take a look at the game plan, stats, videos, and make adjustments given what has happened in the first half to give them the best chance to win the rest of the game.  We are currently at halftime and my Doctors, researchers, nurses,  radiologist will assess many factors to determine what is the best chance to win the second half of the Interleukin-2 battle against melanoma. Most importantly, we will have a scan to determine how the tumors are doing on May 9th and that along with the other factors will determine if we continue on this or go a different route. So lots of prayers and thought those couple of days (even if your celebrating old ass john Greene's bday that night send up a prayer for us).

All of our friends and families have been amazing with all of your continued support, but still ask what can I do to help out? We are working on a project with different quotes, sayings, scriptures, etc.  It can be funny, uplifting, or spiritual that you heard on the radio, tv, book, or just made it up. Send me an email with it  Thanks again to everyone you DO NOT go unnoticed. I hope that everyone takes advantage of the weekend, enjoys an Easter service, break some bread with the family, or just enjoy watching the Braves or Hawks. 

We get to home to a surprise. Stoli has a summer doo.

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