Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If your having a bad day...

Still trekking on...Our goal this week was to reach 5 bags of IL-2 and we just got our 6th at 2 pm and could possibly get a 7th bag tonight. Swollen, lethargic, nauseas, tired, no appetite just name a few side effects, but totally worth it if it works. JK it will work.

Here are some pics of our home away from home, the Emory Manor Hotel(8 east).

My dinner: plain baked potato and water.mmmmm.
Margaret is shampooing my hair with wateless shampoo
Looks like it's working
Day 3 and 6 bags if IL-2. Thumbs up for the support. Swelled up with the Charlie.
Goodnight from 8-east


  1. Hi Neil! I'm Ladson Haddow's sister. He sent me your blog. You have been in our prayers ever since Ladson told us back in 2008. You have such an amazing attitude...I truly admire your strength. I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know we'll be following your progress as you beat this nasty cancer.

  2. You have really stuck it to the cancer this week Neil!! I hope your Georgia bulldogs will have as much strength as you do this fall. So glad to hear you are headed home this afternoon!! Love and miss you!!