Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Very superstitious, writings on the wall"

It's holy week and that's a great sign as we are here back at hotel Emory for our second round of interleukin-2. we have to be superstitious during our treatment and believe in every little sign of luck. Our waiting room buzzer number was 47 (my old football number). Margaret, "oh look 47 this medicine will work". Or colleen is our nurse that's a sign. Room facing the sunrise that's a sign. Sure we'll take what we can get.

Got 2 bags last night and it put me Out like I was on my 3rd day from the original week. It hits you harder and quicker the second go around I guess your body recognizes it Faster. My blood pressure is lower than normal which has been a cause for concern for the drs and nurses, but they are able to counter with some meds, or maybe someone needs to bring me a Hardees monster burger. So we are aiming for 7 bags this week which was we got the original week but will be okay with 5 (Margarets lucky number).

As superstition will encourage our pysche during this time we know that there is something stronger than luck out there that will guide us toward a healthy long life. It is the holiest week of the year, what are the chances!

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